MP3 Instructions ?
  • j.winter1992 The instructions for loading music onto the waveport are in the "Sport Wireless Earphones User Manual".

    Please download music via USB cable. After connecting to Waveport, press "(button next to power button)" to begin your download trip.
    Remember to press "(button listed above)" to remove the SD Card.

    The issue with this is sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Most of the time, I have to have my device manager up already to be able to click on it when it appears and drag and drop/copy+paste music that way. Since for some reason, the devs of the software didnt think it was a good idea for the device to open its own window when this device is plugged into a computer. Hope you have less trouble then I did. -Another disgruntled customer of this seeming to be scam product.
  • tamtamas.hak.*** It does not work for me.
  • sup*** Dears,

    Please try to refer to the video:, thanks.

    • ale*** does not work. Is it because of Win 10?

  • man*** i am win 10 too , and it doesn’t work for me neither , plz help to fix it .
  • fragodec Hi, I am satisfied with your ENOD bluetooth earphones. But after some months of use I have an issue: while listening to Spotify, sometimes the music stops and I get the message "play SD card" without activating this option. Then I need to manually re-start the music. How can I fix this? thanks
  • serserghei.*** Try to use USB 2.0
  • Bego I use it for running, now i want to use it for swimming, so I need to download music, but it did not connect to my computer , so I tried 2 different computers and change the cable. It did not work. I followed all your recommendations, please let me know how to do.
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